What makes a good anti aging cream?

It is surprising how stress today has taken a toll on our lives and some of the basic things that we ignore in this hustle bustle is certainly our personal health, lifestyle and skin care. There is no wonder then that females who are only in their twenties are suffering from skin complications like sagging, dark circles, pigmentation and what not! Since we all look for quick and easy solutions, the first thing we reach out for is a good anti aging cream . But do we actually know what makes a good anti aging cream?


While an anti aging cream should certainly take away the age lines from your face, it is very important that the cream should be hydrating, especially if your skin is dry. Since dry skin tends to break out and makes the skin look dull and aging. The cream should also be non-greasy and must absorb in the skin well. A gel based cream works very well in this case. A good anti aging cream should also have sun protection feature as well so the user does not have to bother when they are moving out in sun.

An anti aging cream must have Retinol which is almost non negotiable in an anti aging formula. The other two ingredients that are clinically proven to be effective in anti aging creams are alpha hydroxyl acids and hyaluronate acid. They are also popularly called anti-agers or powerhouse ingredients in the world of anti aging products. While anti-aging creams with these ingredients definitely come for a price, they are certainly worth their price.

Whatever you choose, you must remember that there is no over-the-counter solution or quick fix for issues that are related to skin aging. It is about committing to a daily routine.